What is the key objective of this facility/service?

Through our extensive experience in providing outpatient substance abuse treatment, we have learned there is a great need in this area for more intensive services and a higher level of care for people suffering from the severe instability and life-threatening complications of acute substance use disorder. The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will provide patients with the safe, secure, therapeutic environment they need to regain their health and stability, while laying the foundation for a successful transition to outpatient treatment and counseling.

How does a person become a patient of this facility?

Patients may come to the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center through multiple pathways. First, they can become patients through self-referral, by contacting us to schedule an evaluation. Patients may also be referred to the center by local law enforcement, the local court system, hospital emergency departments, primary care providers, and other agencies that provide substance abuse or health care services. Patients admitted to the program are required to meet criteria for residential treatment established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

How long will patients stay in the facility?

Treatment will be individualized, but will not exceed thirty (30) days.

What happens after patients have completed their stay?

Following inpatient treatment, OVP HEALTH Case Managers will work with each patient to develop a personalized follow-up care plan, which may include placement in an OVP HEALTH outpatient treatment and counseling program or other appropriate program, based on their individual needs.

Why is inpatient care needed for these patients? Why can’t they be treated as an outpatient?

Generally, patients entering the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be experiencing medical instability, requiring a level of monitoring, medication management and other resources found only in a qualified, 24/7 inpatient treatment facility. In some cases, patients require inpatient care because outpatient therapy has already proved unsuccessful. And, often, inpatient care can provide patients with the safe, positive and productive environment they need to reduce substance abuse triggers and advance their recovery.

What insurance plans will you accept? And can patients without insurance receive treatment?

The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will accept most forms of insurance.

Will patients at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center receive medical care and treatment, including pharmaceutical therapy?

Yes. The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be staffed and overseen by a team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses, who are highly trained to address the comprehensive medical needs of patients suffering from the effects and complications of substance use disorder, as well as any accompanying health care needs. Under strict supervision, patients at the center will receive Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), utilizing a controlled medication called Buprenorphine (Suboxone), which reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms without producing the “high” experienced from taking other drugs, and allows patients to be more receptive to counseling and other behavioral therapies that address the underlying causes of their addiction.

Will counseling be provided at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center?

Yes. Patients will receive both individual and group counseling to help them recognize and understand the triggers to their substance use, and to help them develop and employ other coping skills when they encounter those triggers.

What makes OVP HEALTH qualified to provide this level of care and treatment?

OVP HEALTH, formerly Ohio Valley Physicians, and its experienced and certified providers, have been providing outpatient medication assisted treatment and counseling services for substance use disorder since 2011, and are currently providing those services at outpatient facilities throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina. Additionally, OVP HEALTH recently received its second consecutive three-year accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for both its Integrated Behavioral Health (counseling) and its Outpatient Treatment (MAT) programs. The accreditation process for CARF, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services worldwide, applied its rigorous, internationally-recognized standards during on-site surveys conducted by peer surveyors at a dozen different OVP HEALTH facilities in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. During the surveys, CARF surveyors found that “OVP HEALTH demonstrated substantial conformance” to its standards and “a true commitment to continuous quality improvement using the standards and best practices as espoused by CARF.”

What steps will OVP HEALTH take to ensure safety and security at the facility and in the surrounding neighborhood?

On-site security will be provided by a team of security personnel. Additionally, security cameras and fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the facility to monitor and limit access. It’s also important to note that patients at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be confined to the center for the entire course of their stay, and will not be allowed to come and go as they please.

Will family members be allowed to visit their loved ones in treatment?

Yes. In fact, we will encourage family visitation under our structured visitation rules and regulations.

How many patient beds will there be at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center?

The center is licensed by the state of Ohio for 23 beds for male patients and 23 beds for female patients. It is also licensed for 16 acute detox beds for the care and treatment of patients experiencing active and severe withdrawal symptoms and complications from drug abuse.

Will beds be located in a dormitory-type setting, or will patients have private rooms?

The majority of patient rooms at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be private rooms. Some patient rooms will be assigned for double occupancy, but in no case, will more than two patients sleep in one room. 

What other accommodations will patients have at the facility?

Three balanced meals per day will be prepared for all patients by on-site dietary staff in the center’s fully-operational, commercial kitchen. Patients will also have access to snacks, a dining room, a recreation room, individual and group therapy rooms.

How many people will be employed at this facility?

OVP HEALTH has plans to employ approximately 52 people at the center. These jobs will include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical and nursing assistants, front desk staff, security guards, and kitchen and housekeeping personnel.

What is OVP HEALTH’s financial investment in this facility?

In addition to the addition of 52 new jobs, OVP HEALTH will have invested well over one million dollars in this facility by the time it opens in the Summer of 2020.

OVP HEALTH, headquartered in Huntington, WV, provides an extensive range of emergency department and hospitalist services for hospitals; operates primary care and after- hours facilities; and offers an accredited medication-assisted treatment and counseling program for people suffering from opioid addiction in a growing number of communities across West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and, soon, Virginia.

For more information about OVP HEALTH, go to ovphealth.com or call 304.429.1088.