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In 1999, Robert A. Hess, MD, and Stephen Shy, DO, formed an emergency department staffing company based in Huntington, WV, called Ohio Valley Physicians. Two decades later, Ohio Valley Physicians is now a multi-faceted, family/physician-owned and operated company called OVP HEALTH, employing hundreds of people in communities throughout the Midwest and East Coast regions.

In addition to providing hospitals with high quality emergency department and hospitalist services, OVP HEALTH offers communities primary care services and a highly effective and accredited outpatient medication-assisted treatment and counseling program for people suffering from opioid addiction. Headquartered in an area widely considered to be the epicenter of the opioid crisis, OVP HEALTH is uniquely experienced and qualified to address the growing public health problem of addiction and the serious medical conditions that often accompany it.

OVP HEALTH now has operations in more than 30 locations across West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and Virginia, and continues to expand, targeting rural markets and hospitals.  “Even though we continue to grow and evolve, OVP HEALTH is still all about family and community,” said Stacey Shy, CEO of OVP HEALTH. “We are committed to adapting to the specific needs of our communities and building partnerships with existing health systems in those communities to better meet their health care needs.”

To learn more about OVP HEALTH, please visit our website at ovphealth.com.


OVP HEALTH Recovery Center
335 Township Road 1026
South Point, OH 45680

Telephone: 740.744.4055
Fax: 740.451.0590

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