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Our treatment program is administered by an experienced team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and counselors who care deeply about helping patients succeed in achieving freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

We believe that chemical dependency is a primary, progressive, chronic and sometimes fatal disease, but that the symptoms of this disease can be managed through appropriate therapeutic interventions. We also believe that success in overcoming addiction requires a commitment from patients to engage in counseling, to equip them with appropriate strategies and coping tools to better handle life’s stresses than turning to drugs and alcohol.

The treatment at OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be individualized according to each patient’s needs. Multiple paths to recovery may be utilized, including both medication-assisted treatment and 12-step, abstinence-based approaches. Length of stay for each patient may vary, but will not exceed 30 days.

Following discharge from the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, patients may then transition from inpatient care to outpatient care* to continue their treatment and recovery.  We believe this closely coordinated continuum of care provides our patients with the best opportunity to achieve long-term recovery, and to regain much of what they might have lost as a result of their substance abuse.

*For a listing of OVP HEALTH’s 15 outpatient locations in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, please visit the OVP HEALTH website at www.ovphealth.com.


OVP HEALTH Recovery Center
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South Point, OH 45680

Telephone: 740.744.4055
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