Mission Statement

The mission of OVP Health Recovery Center is to meet the healthcare needs of the patients of our area by providing a continuum of healthcare services that enable patients to improve their healthcare status. All of our services are provided in a warm comfortable environment that is patient centered and sensitive to the values that exist in our communities.


The goal of the OVP Health Recovery Center is to demonstrate that residential treatment can significantly contribute to the rehabilitation of individuals whose severe and persistent alcohol and other drug problems have rendered them unable to function effectively. The specific aim of the OVP Health Recovery Center is to decrease drug and alcohol use and improve the psychosocial functioning of individuals in treatment along multiple dimensions. Our objective is to improve the medical status, employment status, and family relationships of individuals in treatment.

Our Expectations

The keys to recovery are honesty, open-mindedness and willingness (HOW). No matter what the disease, responsibility for recovery ultimately lies with the individual. The physician prescribes a course of action known to interrupt and reverse the harmful effects of the disease. If the person follows the prescription, chances are s/he will get better.

Addiction, a potentially fatal illness, is no different. Our clinical staff, along with resident input, will prescribe a course of action that offers the best possibility for recovery. The patient’s willingness to follow this recommended plan will determine its effectiveness.

Many persons, including those in the late stages of chronic addiction, have learned to use the principles and tools required for a successful recovery. With your total cooperation and participation in the program, we will share these tools and principles with you.

While a patient at this facility, we expect you:

  • To be honest about matters that relate to you and your addiction.
  • To make every effort to understand your disease and participate in the treatment program using the resources available to you.
  • To cooperate with the staff and attempt to follow their directives and recommendations.
  • To make the medical and/or clinical staff aware of any physical or other difficulties affecting you.
  • To be considerate and respectful of the rights of other residents and the staff.
  • To honor the confidentiality and privacy of other residents.
  • To be on time for all activities.
  • To avoid making unreasonable demands.
  • To comply with this facility’s policies and regulations as outlined in resident guidelines.
  • To take an active part in group therapy sessions.
  • To take an active part in all community meetings.
  • To report incidents that might be harmful to your treatment program or to those of other residents.
  • To be respectful of this facility, use the equipment and furnishings properly, and respect the right of fellow residents to use them as well.

Contact OVP


Corporate Office: 300-B Eighth Street, Suite 201 Huntington, WV 25701

For specific office contact details, please refer to our locations.