• To be entitled to respect and dignity in an environment that affords security and privacy.
  • To receive services that are protected under the laws of confidentiality and to receive a Privacy Notice as well as other information concerning your rights regarding the use, storage and disclosure of healthcare information.
  • To receive services regardless of race, sex, gender, gender identification, national origin, creed, physical or mental handicap, or personal ability to pay.
  • To know the reasons for or purpose of the services provided and to consent to receiving these services.
  • To receive an individual evaluation and treatment based upon your needs, abilities and goals, including your active participation in the development of your individualized treatment plan.
  • To ensure that your needs and preferences are not neglected and to receive any information needed to make informed decisions concerning the services you receive.
  • To be assessed fees on an equitable basis and to verify awareness of charges by signing a fee agreement.
  • To express your preferences concerning the choice of case manager, counselor or other service provider.
  • To review your records upon reasonable request and as provided by law.
  • To refuse treatment or withdraw from services at any time without affecting re-entry later.
  • To be free from physical abuse, sexual abuse, harassment and physical punishment imposed by program employees.
  • To be free from psychological abuse, including humiliating, threatening and exploitive action on the part of program employees.
  • To be free from financial abuse associated with program employees holding anything of value that belongs to you in order to get payment for treatment services.
  • To be informed of the agency’s policy on no seclusion, and no use of restraint and to be informed of any restrictions of client rights.
  • To receive assistance from the program in facilitating access and referral to appropriate resources; and
  • To have privacy during visits unless contraindicated in the recovery and treatment process or as ordered by a physician or other authorized healthcare provider.
  • You have the right to request a list of all information released to other facilities regarding your case.


OVP HEALTH Recovery Center
335 Township Road 1026
South Point, OH 45680

Telephone: 740.744.4055
Fax: 740.451.0590

Privacy Policy


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