(South Point, OH) OVP HEALTH, based in Huntington, WV, opened a new, 62-bed inpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment center today in South Point, OH, called the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center.

The completely renovated facility, located at the former site of River’s Bend Health Care, at 335 Township Road 1026, in Burlington Township, will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. It features 23 inpatient beds for men, 23 inpatient beds for women, and 16 acute detox beds for patients experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms or complications from substance abuse. The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will also be able to admit pregnant women.

“Our region has suffered for a long time from a severe shortage of inpatient beds for people needing intensive treatment for substance abuse disorder,” said Robert A. Hess, MD, president and co-founder of OVP HEALTH. “For a variety of reasons, some people are not successful beginning their treatment of this disease in an outpatient setting. So, the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will enable us to place these patients in a safe, secure environment, and to stabilize them, medically, while we begin the process of individual and group counseling to equip them with the tools and coping skills they need to change their addictive behaviors.”

Treatment at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be administered by an experienced team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and counselors, and will be individualized according to each patient’s needs. Multiple paths to recovery may be utilized, including both medication-assisted treatment and 12-step, abstinence-based approaches. Length of stay for each patient may vary, but will not exceed 30 days.

“Following discharge from the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, patients may then easily transition from inpatient care to outpatient care at any of OVP HEALTH’s 15 outpatient locations in communities across Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia,” said Stacey Shy, OVP HEALTH chief executive officer. “We believe this closely coordinated continuum of care will provide our patients with the best opportunity to achieve long-term recovery, and to regain much of what they had lost, as a result of their substance abuse.”

To qualify for inpatient care at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, patients will be required to meet the criteria for residential treatment established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). The center will accept patients from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, and will accept most forms of insurance.

Patients may be admitted to the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center by self-referral, but also by referral from local law enforcement agencies, local court systems, hospital emergency and social work departments, primary care providers, and other agencies that provide substance abuse or health care services.

While the majority of patient rooms at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center are private, some accommodate double occupancy. All patient rooms are equipped with new beds, bedding, and flat screen televisions. Additionally, the center features new perimeter security fencing, an electronic surveillance system, a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, two dining rooms, two snack bars, separate lounges for men and women, an on-site beauty parlor, individual and group counseling rooms, high-grade personal and industrial washers and dryers, and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor recreational equipment and games.

For more information about OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, go to ovprecovery.org. To learn more about OVP HEALTH, please visit ovphealth.com.