June 15, 2020

(Burlington, OH)  OVP HEALTH will open a new, 62-bed inpatient substance abuse treatment center at the site of the former River’s Bend Health Care facility, in Burlington, OH, this Summer. The new facility, called OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, will bring an investment of well over $1 million and approximately 25 new jobs to Lawrence County, as well as address a significant and growing need for local inpatient care and treatment for people suffering from severe drug and alcohol addiction.

“Through our extensive experience in providing outpatient substance abuse treatment throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina, we have seen, first-hand, the need in this area for more intensive services and a higher level of care for these patients,” said Paul Cowsar, OVP HEALTH chief operating officer. “The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will provide them with the safe, secure, therapeutic environment they need to regain their health and stability, while laying the foundation for a successful transition to outpatient treatment and counseling.”

The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, which will operate 24 hours a day, is licensed by the State of Ohio to accommodate 23 inpatient beds for women, 223 inpatient beds for men, and 16 beds for patients experiencing acute detox, or severe and active withdrawal symptoms and complications from substance abuse. Treatment will be provided by a team of physicians and other advanced practice providers who are trained and experienced in addressing the comprehensive medical needs of patients suffering from the effects and complications of substance use disorder, including any of their accompanying health care needs.

“OVP HEALTH has been on the front lines of the war on addiction, and on the leading edge of medication assisted treatment and counseling services, since 2011,” said Stacey Shy, OVP HEALTH chief executive officer. “In 2019, we received our second consecutive, three-year accreditation from the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, which means our outpatient services and facilities meet or exceed the most rigorous standards in the industry. The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will also have that level of accreditation.”

While the majority of patients at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center will be housed in private rooms, some rooms will be designated for double occupancy. The center will also feature a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, dining rooms, recreation rooms, individual and group counseling rooms.

While treatment and length of stay will be individualized according to each patient’s needs, no stay will exceed a maximum of 30 days. To qualify for inpatient care at the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center, patients will be required to meet the criteria for residential treatment established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). The center will accept patients from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, and will accept all forms of insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare Part B.

Patients will be admitted to the OVP HEALTH Recovery Center by self-referral, but also by referral from local law enforcement agencies, local court systems, hospital emergency departments, primary care providers, and other agencies that provide substance abuse or health care services.

Before opening, the center will undergo significant upgrades and renovations, including the installation of security cameras and fencing around the perimeter of the facility to monitor and limit access. Patients will be confined to the center for the entire course of their stay to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of the neighboring community. OVP HEALTH will also hire a team of security guards to provide on-site security.

In addition to security guards, OVP HEALTH will be hiring medical and nursing staff, counselors, case managers, patient care assistants, and kitchen, maintenance and housekeeping personnel.

OVP HEALTH provides an extensive range of emergency department and hospitalist services for hospitals; operates primary care and after-hours facilities; and offers an accredited medication-assisted treatment and counseling program for people suffering from opioid addiction in a growing number of communities across West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and, soon, Virginia.

For more information about OVP HEALTH, go to ovphealth.com.